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World School international Forum 2019 - Selection Results

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Prima paginăProiecteProiecte internaționaleWorld School (ediţii succesive)World School international Forum 2019 - Selection Results

World School international Forum 2019 - Selection Results

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In an increasingly interconnected world, we are forced to live and work in an environment that calls for a global perspective in all that we do. A rapid growth of technology has created a world where we must reach past our immediate cultural boundaries and behavioural patterns to include a set of standards that can help us to function in multiple cultural settings and in inter-disciplinary fields. To succeed in an international community means that we must continually stay in tuned to standards that are created, be a part of the creation process itself by demonstrating the ability to voice our own set of values in an international context and to incorporate the knowledge we gain by making what we learn about the world, a part of ourselves and a part of our lives. As international citizens we must learn all we can about the world by creating a network of friendships that constantly broaden our perspectives, and to adopt the attitude that as responsible globally minded leaders of our future, together all things are possible.

With these aims in mind, World School International Forum was initiated in 1997 by Masaki Matsudaira, the former Chairman and present advisor to the board of trustees at Kanto International School, Tokyo, Japan. Ever since, the Forum has gathered delegates from across the globe, in an attempt to facilitate connections and collaboration between students worldwide and address issues of contemporary interest, to which teenagers find solutions together.

Colegiul Național Costache Negruzzi Iasi is the only Romanian member of the World School International Forum, and it is within this context that it organises the 2019 edition in Iași, Romania, welcoming delegations from over 20 countries across the globe: Australia, Canada, China, Finland, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Macao, New Zealand, Romania, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States of America, Vietnam, for two weeks, in October 2019.

As the event is designed primarily for and by students, we invite 9th and 10th graders in Colegiul Național Costache Negruzzi to join the organisational team.

We are looking for 35 teenagers who will then be trained, prepare activities, help organise events before, and work with international delegations during the 2 weeks of the forum.

To apply, please fill in the form available here (Gmail address required):

Selection criteria:

    1. Linguistic competence – For each of the languages you know (English, German, French, other), please provide proof of your level in your CV, either by attaching a language certificate or the document entitled Adeverinta Limbi Straine below, filled in and signed by your language teacher in Colegiul National Costache Negruzzi Iasi.
    1. Involvement in extra-curricular activities – Please specify and provide proof in your CV, if you have been a participant or an organizer of other extracurricular events (volunteer work, projects, etc. )
    1. Description of an activity you design for an international group – Fill in the Activity Template available below in which you design a short activity for an international group that could be organised during the forum. Don’t be afraid to use your creativity!
  1. Presentation – Upload a video of yourself (maximum 1 minute and 100 MB) in which you motivate your application to become a member of the organisational team of the WSF 2019.


Application Deadline:

7th of December 2018


Announcement of Selection Results:

17th of December 2018


For further information, contact selection coordinating teachers:

Anca Voicu-Ghenghea, PhD and Cristina Mocanu, PhD.

Poster WSF Selection of Students



Selection Results


14 02, 2020